Wednesday, January 4, 2012

last first day of school

there are some days when the blessings are so rich around me and so overflowing i can't help but smile everywhere i go.

to think!
i got to take a creative nonfiction class last semester with some of my favorite people in this whole wide universe!
to think!
i get to teach students how to write and have them trust me and my opinion!
to think!
i have mangoes at home and a cousin who stayed the night and new music to listen to and interesting books to read and new essays to write.
to think!
everywhere i walk, it seems, there are people i know--professors, friends, old students, colleagues--who know my name and smile when they see me.

such are my feelings every first day of school.
and this is my last first day of school!
(at least in the foreseeable future)
this is achingly sad to me,
which only dredges up from the depths past memories of this BYUtiful place (i know, cheesy.  but awesome) and deepens my joy at being here,
if even for a short time more.

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