Saturday, September 24, 2011

TIME, a love letter

well it's official.  i am a TIME magazine subscriber!  i got my first installment last week, but i just couldn't know if it was a sure thing until the second came, and came it did!  i squealed when i saw it at the mailbox (then immediately felt stupid), but then carried it with me to the library in case i have any down between writing my thesis and reading two books for class.

i like how skinny TIME is.  it's so unintimidating, like, "hey you can read me in a week.  you can read a page during breakfast, or as you wind down after school, or for a ten minute study break."  and plus, TIME has pictures and graphics and color and cool fonts--all of which are more or less critical to my overall enjoyment of a piece of reading.  this is most likely why i loved extremely loud and incredibly close so much.  also, there's joel stein's column ("the awesome column", as it is called) which always gets a good chuckle out of me.

all in all, TIME, i think i shall keep, love, and faithfully read you.
i will not let the guilt of not having finished last week's edition get in the way of my childlike joy at finding a new one in the mail, nor will i restrain myself from reading the new one because of backlogged unread articles in last week's copy.
i will affectionately display you on my corner coffee table.
i will bring up your little tidbits of information at every appropriate conversational opportunity.
and when i budget my month's necessaries, the $3.99 i spend to have your sweet, sweet pages in my life will always be an expense i count myself lucky to pay.

because i mean really.
isn't it about

(chuckle chuckle chuckle, partially out of entertainment at my own joke, and partially out of the glee associated with knowing i have a copy in my backpack at this very moment.)

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