Sunday, September 11, 2011

sayonara summer (a party for friends)

beating the leaves to their insistence on turning colors is very important.
like a boyfriend you don't want to say goodbye to,
you have to say goodbye
before he does.
get to the punch line before he 
punches you in the kisser by saying goodbye.

and so we said goodbye to her,
to our beloved summer 2011--

for me it was london
peach gelato
& tented markets
tea parties in kensington gardens
& roman & giacomo & cammell
& trains trains trains.

but most of all the bunting.

so i made a cake to celebrate that part,

and mindy and nate made Oreo balls the size of golfballs to celebrate the hail in the east
andrea brought peanuts for all her international flights
holly pudding
amy crisps
and desi a tray of symbol-inscribed brownies.

daniel made the switzerland bread braided like i braid my hair
and i'm pretty sure amanda brought peachies?
katie guacamole from her ranch's avocados
nathan's herbed olives (with pits!) from marseilles
carolann some provo peaches 
(peaches that have my dinner group relocating monday dinner to allred orchards)

amber homemade bread from home with real apple butter
and mysterious seven layer bars that i'm not sure who brought but man were they delish.
(who am i forgetting?)

*  *  *

my favorite thing to watch at parties like this is how all my circles of friends end up knowing each other
how dinner group people 
know london people
know ward people
know cousin people.

it's a small and lovelily comfortable world i live in,
a small and lovelily comfortable sphere.

thanks for the wall of letters to summer,
thanks for cheering when we cut the cake,
thanks for being the kinds of friends that at parties everyone comments on what cool friends i have.

sayonara summer,
we loved you so.

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  1. I miss your awesome parties! Looks like you're doing great!