Monday, September 19, 2011

hobbies like a grandma

so recently i've picked up knitting.  i know, i know, just one of my many hidden and grandma-like talents.  i'm currently working on a mustard-colored scarf.  (look out january!  i'm coming with my mustard scarf and it is NOT gunna be pretty!  (it being your fate, january, but most likely the scarf will not be pretty either.))

anyways, all i have to say about knitting can be said in two sentences:

it is a great excuse to watch episodes of "life" until you know everything about the planet.

as soon as i get this scarf finished and my knitting needles freed up, i'm going to town on THIS baby:

this moment in the hall of knitting wonder brought to you by (who else), the man of mystical sweaters, mr. bill cosby!

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