Monday, September 24, 2012

Queen of the Sink (and Other Stories)

And today I learned how to disassemble a sink.

(Carrot peels + our disposal = no good. Hence, an opportunity for me to learn how to unscrew pipes and fish out food and force myself not to throw up when warm and carrot-chunky water comes gushing out the pipes, over my hands, and splatters in the pan and onto the cupboard walls under the sink. Just this much closer to being a steel-stomach mom someday.)

Other things I'm proud of from this week:
1. Getting gas last night instead of putting it off again. I always put off getting gas. I've never yet run out of gas, which is why I perpetuate this unsavory habit, but I live in constant fear that one of these needle-on-E days, my gas tank will revolt and say, "We've had enough of your bad habits."
2. And I went to get gas attired in black stretchy pants and socks. I was already in my car, it was late at night, I was comfy, and I knew if I stopped at home to "make myself presentable" before foraying out into the world to fill said gas tank, that what would actually happen is me crawling in bed and going to sleep. Hence, in my stockinged feet and stretchypantlegs, I went to the gas station. No shame. And apparently no fear about my socks touching gas station concrete ew.



Wow, five minutes later, I can't think of anything else to add to the "proud of" list. Things I'm not so proud of though? Eating that whole pan of brownies (what the?!), watching reality t.v. with the roomies (I don't regret the roommate part, just the reality t.v.), staying up 2+ hours too late every night (serious problem people)...(what is this, confessional? I seriously need a theme for this blog or else this is what it inevitably denegrates to: Carolyn's Confessions. I guess you've gotta say them somewhere.)


Tomorrow is Mumford & Sons' new album. (Here's stuff I've written before about this band that I love so much.) You better believe there's gonna be a celebratory Music Monday tomorrow.

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