Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Poems, via Google Translate

...in which I take things in other languages, stick them in Google translate, and turn them into a poem. Sometimes I take drastic artistic license. Sometimes I do nothing at all.

Fighting the Current
(Or, The Drowned)

You're going adrift.
(Remember the river!)
And I, running on the shore,
cry back
But slowly you walk away
And in this frantic race,

I regain
A little lost ground.

From time to time, you darken 

in the liquid black and moving
Or, brushing some brambles,
You hesitate and wait for me,
Your hiding face
In your gown tucked up,

All shame and regret.

You are no longer a poor wreck 

adrift over water,
And I am yet your slave.
I plunge into the stream,
Halt at the memory,
At oblivion's ocean,
And once more 

smash our hearts and our heads
and never us reunite.

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