Friday, August 24, 2012

goodbye, best job in the world

(thanks go to one awesome Aussie for this photo)

Today I said goodbye to my summer internship. Everyday was more or less an adventure in doing the things I love most. In fact, I'm pretty convinced that every person in the world would be happy if they had my job. Frinstance, do you like:
  • Making photo galleries?
  • Riding public transportation into the city every morning?
  • Reading other people's most heartfelt stories about the the hardest times in their lives, the most hopeful times in their lives, the profound lessons they've learned?
  • Putting together lists of inspiring quotes?
  • Searching for cool videos, articles, and studies online?
  • Reading up on random countries' traditions, history, and recent news events?
  • Messing around on Google Translate to compose letters in foreign languages for contacts in far-away countries?
  • Reading the scriptures?
  • Having a security badge that you have to use to get in and out of the building?
  • Working at the top of a highrise?
  • Tweeting (on a much bigger scale though--30,000+ followers)?
  • Google-stalking people to find contact info?
  • Interviewing said-Google-stalked people?
  • Looking through pictures from the 1920s?
  • Looking through pictures from the 1970s (we're talking bouffantes and glowy vignettes)?
  • Taking pictures?
  • Going on film shoots?
  • Being an extra in said films?
  • Dressing fancy everyday?
  • Knowing what will be on a major website before it is actually published?
  • Writing stuff for a major website?
  • Talking with people all over the world?

If you answered "yes" to 10 or more of the above, then you would love my job.
If you answered "yes" to all of the above and happen to be male, then we are made for each other and should probably look into getting married.

In other words, my internship was all the things I love doing anyways, put into a job.

This says nothing of the incredible people I worked with--experts in their field and kind beyond belief (only 5 of whom are pictured here).
Well, onward onward! Let my "summer" begin! (60 hours until school starts.) But first, a celebratory chocolate croissant, in memoriam of all the mornings I ate one.

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