Saturday, April 14, 2012

accordion: a love story

(THIS is the answer to the game a couple of days ago.  sam you are the winner!)

I've been looking for an accordion for something like six months now.  I call DI weekly to ask if they have one in, bychance.  The weeks I don't call, I go there myself, comb the shelves.  No accordion.  Last week I kept feeling the urge to go check DI, but I restrained myself and studied instead.  Imagine my crestfallen face when, upon calling on Saturday, I learned that they had, in fact, had one all week and just sold it.  (Whimper.)

Then Tuesday happened.   I had just taken my last class ever of my entire college career ever in all my life ever.  Brain maxxxxed out from too much thesis-ing and so proud of myself for actually finishing the Thing and sending to in for revisions that I, of course, retreated for the sweet solace of DI.  I just had a really good feeling about it this time.

I did a brief walk-through when I first got there, of their collectible shelves.  Nothing.  Alas.

Back to the bookshelves I went, and found "Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't be Wrong," a book that's been on my list for quite some many moons now.  Check!  (Someday I'll write an essay about the uncanny serendipity that attends every of my excursions to DI...the universe somehow always reaches through whatever vortexes and fractals and hyperspaces separate me from Universe and grants me the wish of my heart!  Seriously.  All I have to do is think of a book I want, and it materializes on the shelf before me within seconds.  The universe is a little choosy though--not every book I want comes.  But I have a feeling the one I most need at that moment are the ones that always do appear.  Magical.  If any of you would like to see this gift in action, I'd be more than happy to accompany you on a book-hunt.)

Now, back to my Quest.  On my way to the cash registers, I walked through the clothesracks and found a lovely ruffly sheer lightlightlight blue blouse that has Paris written all over it (not literally).  Perfect.  The DI universe is smiling beneficently.  

I check out, and on my way out.......I happen to see it.  A big black box.  I'd asked the DI guys at the cash register if they knew if they had an accordion anywhere.  They all said no.  But then what was this big box?  I approach.  It says, "Accorgan" on the top of it.  Thanks to my MA degree, I can do things like match root-words.  Like accordion and accorgan---five letters the same.  


Is this possible?!

Sure enough, nestled like a pearl in a bed of red velvet, an accordion. In perfect condition.  

It is enough to say that I feel like this every second of the day:

Going to school on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday was the hardest thing I have quite possibly ever done, knowing this baby was at home.  You know all those cute mommy bloggers who are like, "Oh I just had a baby, sorry I haven't blogged lately!  I haven't been out in days because all I want to do is be at home cuddling with her!"  I mean not to make any less of babies or anything, but that is more or less or exactly how I feel.  How can I be at school when I could be at home holding my accordion?!  And yet despite this separation-anxiety I feel, all the last three days have had this lovely rose-colored glow, knowing things like accordions and French chansons and Beirut exist.  I've practically danced my way through these days.  Most days of my life, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Last night I played for three hours straight.  When in my life have I ever practiced anything for three hours straight?!

So if any of ya'll need a little romantic mood music, or a balcony serenade, or someone to busk with, I'm your girl.  My repertoire is currently an amalgamation/conglomeration (IS there a difference?) of scraps of songs I love ...  Any recommendations of songs I should learn?


  1. ! so uh can you play me a song before i go home on the 20th?

  2. Complainte de la Butte from Moulin Rouge. I will sing.

  3. I would suggest, "I'm in Love with a Fairytale."

  4. you are the funniest. do you know how to play it??

  5. I vote our family gets all of the instruments we all play and create a song of Beirut sort.

    1. This is a marvelous idea, Des. Maybe for Grandma's next birthday!

  6. That's a face of true happiness. Whether an accordion should produce such a face is up for debate but to each his own :)

  7. Great story Carolyn! I loved reading it! I hope you have fun with your new toy :)