Thursday, August 4, 2011

what she saw {london london}

i just got the pictures back from my herco box camera.  i am thrilled with how they turned out--it's always fun getting the pictures back because you never really know how they're going to work.  she (my little film camera, that is) has a way of reinventing the picture into something way cooler than i expected looking through the 1cm square viewfinder.  the greatest is when sometimes i forget to wind the film inbetween pictures so they're double-exposed, kind of like when two stories overlap in your dreams and you end up dating darth vader, or eating bumblebee popsicles, similar things.

as it so happens, none of these are double exposed, and all of them are sweet little memories from the lovely london.

thank you herco.

the ivy-ed archway at kensington gardens

the orangery for tea.  the cake table, right when you walked in, each cake platter a promise of good things to come:

the london eye:

big ben (sigh):

miss amanda feeding swans at the round pond

the view over edinburgh from arthur's seat at sunrise (sneaky edinburgh, always popping up in places entitled "london london."  tsk tsk.)

and portobello road, portobello road:


  1. i missed these the first time around...must've been in thailand. silly me. but now that i am stalking your blog, i must say they are quite lovely.