Thursday, August 11, 2011

bowl of oranges

field notes from the day:
  • finished "the help" today.  a full report coming tomorrow, once i see the movie.  go get yourself a copy, though, because it is #1 on the new york times bestseller list for a reason.
  • went to a bright eyes concert tonight.  it was pretty good but not that good.
  • i've taken to sleeping in my bathrobe.  it's white and clean and made outta that ultra soft fuzzy stuff that makes you feel...well there really are no words adequate.  warm and safe and perfectly happy to be exactly where you are.  which, of course, is in that lovely bathrobe.  it has thus far failed as a bathrobe because of said ultra soft fuzziness though: rather than soaking up water, it kinda just sticks.  but oh man, as peejays?!  it is deeeeelightful.  (and yes, i have been looking for an excuse for the last two days to spell out the word peejays.)
  • was reminded by greatest cousin des about a song that bjork and thom yorke did called "i've seen it all."  all the long drive home i wanted to listen to it.  listened instead to "stanley climball," lifehouse's second album.  an adequate stand-in.
  • pulled up to a house with the lights still on at midnight and a room full of sisters & mom.  the moon's full or nearly so.  oh had i a big field with a few tall trees to cast shadows in the full moon-light every night!  that is one of my favorite places--big fields on full moons.

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