Monday, May 30, 2011

of things green & wicked.

as it turns out, i'm obsessed with spinach and tomatoes and cucumbers and BRIEEEEE on a toasted bagel.

three of the things on that list are apparently killing people in other parts of europe.  the "killer cucumber" epidemic.  look it up.  wicked, i know.

oh, and speaking of wicked, you know what the best part of having accidentally not reserved tickets to the show you were supposed to go to tonight (flarepath, in case you were wondering) is?  it's running to the piccadilly circus tube stop, taking the piccadilly to green park, realizing that the victoria line is closed for the bank holiday that is today, running to the jubilee line, transferring to the district at westminster, finally running out of the tube station, dodging people with our primark bags of lovely and cheap clothing, and then getting FOURTH ROW TICKETS TO WICKED.  two minutes before the show starts.

in case you missed that through all the explanations of how we ran across LONDON to get to the show on time, i got FOURTH ROW TICKETS!

i completely and totally loved the show.  everyone says, "it's so amazing, you have to see it, the costumes are amazing and the story is so good and when she flies away it's breathtaking, blahblahblah."  and i'm thinking, "yeah right, it's probably just another musical with a cheesy story line and catchy tunes and i highly doubt i would be impressed."  

au contraire my friend.  this is what my face looked like for...well...pretty much the entire show:

yep.  i was wholly won over.  the costuming is amazing.  the story is so good.  and holy cow when she flies away?!  i was completely entranced.  

not only were the theatrics unbelievable (truly, though.), but there were some important lines in there too.  i like it when i get meat with my potatoes.  and that's what this show is.  one favorite line was this:
"there are precious few at ease with moral ambiguities so we act as though they don't exist." 

which reminds me of these:
"Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love."
(Rilke, poet)

"Our minds are tempted by simple dichotomies, yet our lives are rainbows.  The enemy is really a friend or can be turned into an ally, or is hungry and we can feed them."
(Kathleen Ragan, in her delightful book "Outfoxing Fear."  Really though, this book is a delight.)

so now i'm off to bed, to dream of unadulterated loathing, popularity, and all things green and wicked.


  1. Carolyn, you are a wonderful blogger. And inspiring.

    I cried real tears, [REAL] tears, during defying gravity.
    Nothing better than food and Wicked.
    ...though my last week included a free U2 concert and a Janelle Monet (plus bruno mars, but we both know who I was there for) concert... :)
    Come home soon, but not too soon.