Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jurassic World {review}

This movie is everything--everything--you expect from the fourth of the Jurassic Parks. Totally predictable plot, half-baked character development of stock characters (macho man with an animal-loving side, overworked control-freak lady boss, girl-crazy older brother who is rude to his younger brother, younger brother who is going through a crisis but loves dinosaurs), plus lots and lots of running, guns, crouching beside/under/around vehicles followed by dinosaur-head poking around corner followed by vehicle getting crushed followed by more running, monologues about who-knows-what scientific moral "dilemmas" of our day. And all to the Jurassic Park theme music.

So in other words, I loved everything about it.

All the things you hope happen, happen. All the things you predict will happen, they happen too.

Bryce Dallas Howard runs around the entire island the entire movie in heels and a business skirt. Chris Pratt is handsome, confident, scruffy, and can talk to velociraptors (heart-throb). And Jake Johnson with his throwback tee-shirt, plastic dino display, and moment of misplaced bravado keeps the humor fresh.

Best of all, at the end of the movie I felt good about dinosaurs. Almost like we understand each other, dinosaurs and me (well, at least dinosaurs and Chris Pratt). But I also walked pretty fast from my car to the house. Which is exactly what Jurassic World should do.


  1. You Rock! Are you an English or Literature major? Your command of the English language and the way you sling the vernacular combined with your sense of beauty and things ironic have you outstanding in my mind. And I was a World Lit major for 4 years. Excellent writing skills. Write a book! Lemme know when it's done. I will buy it.

  2. Oh. It didn't publish my name.