Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Praying works

Speaking of missionary work and faith, we're trying to work really hard, but let's be honest, we aren't perfect and even on days with our best intentions, we aren't perfectly effective or efficient. Our prayers aren't perfect, our contacting isn't perfect, our teaching isn't perfect. Not even our "trying" is perfect some moments. But we keep on with our faces to the sun, as they say. Mostly we are praying and dreaming and hoping for miracles. We've seen so many. This week a young man showed up at the institute and wanted to learn more. He asked us at the Halloween party how he could get baptized. At Church on Sunday he leaned over and asked me if we could meet with him the next day to help him understand the Book of Mormon better, because there are words he doesn't know in it. So last night, we all sat side by side with our books of Mormon and read and helped him with words he doesn't understand, and I got to explain in very very basic terms the story of the Book of Mormon, so he'd know where it came from and why it's important. That was a special experience. I feel so special and honored to be someone at this moment who Heavenly Father lets see miracles like this. Sometimes I feel like we just walk around all day seeing miracles.

And speaking of miracles, something really beautiful happened this last week: we had a dream day set up--lots of lessons set up and lots of good good things we set out to do that day. Guess what. Every single thing fell through. And on top of that all, we felt really tired and horrible all day and we just kept thinking, "This isn't normal. What is happening?" Well, a couple of weeks ago, President told us that he's been praying for us specifically by name, me and Soeur Vidal, every day. So when we had this day where all the powers of hell it seemed were dragging us down, my first thought was, "I bet President didn't pray for us today." We saw him the day after actually, and we asked him. And guess what. He said, "You know. To be honest, yesterday I was doing interviews all day. And I forgot. It's the first day I haven't." First, I'm always a little skeptical when people say, "Will you pray for me?" Usually inside, I'm like, "Yeah, that's a nice gesture but it doesn't do a whole lot." Well, I don't feel that way anymore. I have never seen such a stark contrast. The prayers of others do so much. We are carried day to day on the prayers and faith of others it seems. I think of Enos and the sons of Mosiah and Alma and all the prayers of their parents that saved their very lives at times (see Alma 17:35). Thank you for your prayers!

1. At the halloween party

2. We went to Valence for an afternoon to help teach someone (long story). But look at this pretty building!

3. And look at that castle on a hill with ominous clouds. I live in France. There are castles.

Photo added by Mom: November Ensign pg 66 France Lyon Missionaries.  The Elder two over on  her right is her dear cousin, Elder Kevin Foote!

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  1. Carolyn! I just got a blog and now I'm reading yours! This is awesome. Idk when you'll see this comment, but thank you for your example. You're the best!