Tuesday, July 31, 2012

two ladies

I met two ladies this morning that ride the same bus as me.

One is tall but petite, fragile.  Red matte pumps and a red leather purse, a modest navy pencil skirt with matching sailor striped top and navy blazer.  She has a tight, curly haircut, natural nails, and always wears either red or pink lipstick.  She reads Anna Karenina on the way to Salt Lake.

The other woman is stockier, a shoulder-length blonde haircut.  She wore a blood orange cardigan over a white button-up blouse, with a heavy necklace the color of robin's egg.  Fake nails and dainty pink lipstick.  Her husband died, so she went back to school, got a PR degree and is now working for the firm that made Mitt Romney famous.