Friday, May 18, 2012

under the boardwalk: a summer party

A  M O N T H - O F - M A Y  P A R T Y 
{the invites}

{the decor}
a carpet of mint bushes under a window
a narrow sidewalk between balconies and townhouses and gables
striped straws
rainbow bunting and white lights
vintage masks

{the snacks}
carnival treats, what else!
caramel popcorn

{the games}
a ball toss to win a fish
a fortune teller

{the people}

{the music}
pandora's "That Thing You Do" station until sunset
pandora's "Quelqu'un Ma Dit" station once it's dark
...and perhaps a little accordion music at some point from the balcony.

(can't you just hear the music)
**video coming soon.  stay posted**


  1. I'm so sad I missed it! My mom was in town because we dropped off my brother at the MTC this week, so I was hanging out with her. Looks fun!

    1. Emily, the party was sad it missed you too. ;) Mothers and brothers are important too though, so you probably made the right choice. Probably. (hehe)

  2. my friend travis told me i was on your blog and i liked the picture so i stole it for my facebook picture. is that ok? if it's not shoot me an email and i'll get rid of it.

    1. That's why I put them on here! :) I'm glad you're using it. And serously Ginger--you made the party with your carmel popcorn!

  3. You are the best party planner I've ever met! This looks fantastic. You're brilliant. :)